Ministry Teams and their Objective

1.Administration Team - Objective:To maintain an efficient running of day-to-day church management and operations for all church ministries in one-cohesive and harmonious order.

2.Ministry of the Word Team - Objective:To lead the corporate body into God’s presence through heart-felt prayer, praise and the preaching of the word.

3.Evangelism and Missions Ministry Team - Objective: To challenge, create evangelism awareness within the church and the need for each member to reach-out to the lost for Christ; to influence others for Christ and bring them into the church.This ministry is responsible for implementing the church evangelism and missions program and training volunteers to actively participate in the ministry.

4.Ministry of Helps - Objective:To help build a sense of oneness and love within the church community through reaching out to minister to both social and other special needs of church members within the given group.

5.Children and Youth Ministry Team - Objective: Touch the children and youth lives with God’s love, teach them God’s Word and provide fellowship with God’s people;To lay a foundation that will keep children interested in the things of God and involved in church and to know Jesus.

6.Partner in Prayer Ministry Team - Objective:To pray for PIC to reach its potential. Also to provide spiritual cover and support for all PIC ministry activities and for God’s favor over the church day to day work.“When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works.”

7.Worship and Praise Ministry - Objectives: “God created us to worship, and through worshiping, people are drawn to Him.The goal of the team is to glorify and reverence God through Jesus Christ; To lead the congregation to the presence of God involving creativity and edification; To prepare the congregation to receive the word of Word given by God’s servant.

8.Stewardship Team- Objective: To provide transparency and accountability in the use of church finances that promotes trust among God’s people.To development church’s yearly budget and overseeing budget compliance. To promote and emphasis on good stewardship through planning and implementing yearly stewardship campaigns and stewardship education